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The Thinking for a Living Network is built on friendship, passion, and a dedication to the craft of design. The Network is an alliance of like-minded individuals who are experimenting with publishing and spreading ideas through a series of topic specific sites, conferences, workshops and publications. We are available for design and consultation.

Thinking for a Living Network

Simon Goetz

Waning Gibbous

Simon Goetz emerged from the barren, wind-scarred plains of Oklahoma, teeth stained pink by strawberry milk and after-school scuffles in red clay. He narrowly escaped to New York, where he earned a degree in Dramatic Writing from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Simon is now half of the copywriting team dubbed Ministry of Imagery, and he splits his time between his word processor and the five flights of stairs he must clamber up to reach his ramshackle West Village tenement room. He misses the sky.

Ministry of Imagery