Cut It Out

Noma Bar

This year for the London Design Festival, Outline Editions invited Noma Bar to create an installation. His response, based on a manual embosser, is an interactive sculpture which will allow viewers to create their own prints. The huge punching machine cuts out exclusive Noma Bar designs with the resulting negative space forming the image—a whimsical interpretation of the designers ongoing fascination with what he prefers to call ‘positive space.’ Gallery visitors select from 36 different GF Smith papers, choose from a selection of Noma’s designs, and then manually feed the paper into the machine. Then with four tons of pressure, the press produces a die-cut print that is signed and numbered as part of a limited edition series.

Power to the People
Devil May Care
Erotic Writing
Night Train to London
Pointed Sense

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter: Alan Fletcher’s The Art of Looking Sideways

Kemistry Gallery and Fletcher Studio are proud to present Mind Over Matter: Alan Fletcher’s The Art of Looking Sideways – a celebration of ten years of this seminal publication and the work of a true design icon.

The exhibition brings together a collection of original material and notes from Alan Fletcher’s archive, documenting thirty or so years of attentive curiosity by Alan at large – throughout a career that (he asserted) was made from being in the right place at the right time. The accumulation of coincidence, chance and choice, that eventually led Alan to make the book, will pique curiosity and enlighten minds. A truly unique and personal collection of visual imagery, design articles, factual and cultural curiosities and quotations, The Art of Looking Sideways captures the sensory overload of contemporary visual culture, while also acting as a primer in visual intelligence. This book has long been a source of inspiration for me.

Damn, I wish I could be in London to see this!

The Hand Written Letter Project

There’s always something nice about receiving a letter. Today the way we communicate is dominated by email, text, status updates and tweets leaving many to lose sight of the things that have been around for a while – like pen and paper. Craig Oldham believes it is important that we don’t forget.

Oldham began the Hand Written Letter Project by extending an invitation to the world’s leading designers, design studios and creative thinkers alike to simply share their thoughts in handwritten form on their own letterhead. The full collection now includes over 100 letters and will be on show at KK Outlet throughout August.

A limited edition book of the letters is also available, with all profits going to the National Literacy Trust.


Gastrotypographicalassemblage: The Designs of Lou Dorfsman

Kemistry Gallery is celebrating the work of legendary designer Lou Dorfsman, art director for the CBS network. The exhibition centers on his most notable creation, the 11-metre wide handmade wooden typographic wall that he named Gastrotypographicalassemblage. With over sixty original examples of Lou’s art-directed work for CBS, featuring contributions from Al Hirschfeld and Milton Glaser, the exhibition serves to demonstrate Lou Dorfsman’s skill in defining a brand to over 200 million people. Featuring historically significant print spreads and a half-scale two-dimensional reproduction of the wall, Kemistry Gallery have also commissioned parts of the wall to be reproduced for purchase along with a limited edition print, available here.

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Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth

Dymaxion Car #4, Top
Dymaxion Car #4, Front

Three-quarters of a century after the last of the original models rolled off the production line, the Dymaxion Car lives again. The new car was commissioned by Norman Foster, the British architect of such modern landmarks as Beijing Airport, the new Reichstag in Berlin and the “Gherkin” in London. A passionate car collector, he undertook the project as a labor of love and an homage to Buckminster Fuller.

Ivorypress currently has an exhibition entitled Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth that was curated by Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano. The show will be the first chance to see the recently completed recreation of the Dymaxion Car and will bring together the different strands of Bucky’s influential career together with original drawings and models.



Our friends at Bleed are proud to announce Hunger, an art book and exhibition that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the studio. The book launch and exhibition opening are on Sunday, March 7th at Studio Hugo Opdahl.

Hunger is a word that defines Bleed well. In their 10 years of existence, much has changed in the design world. The studio’s spirit, however, is a constant. They are restless, intuitive, and contemplative. They defiantly question convention and the very definition of graphic design. And although they are always thinking—more importantly, they are always doing. Their output is astonishing both in quantity and quality.

Organic and fluid, Bleed is perfectly suited for mutable times. Their culture and environment encourage a strong relationship with nature. This seems to somehow inform their dynamic range and give them an unparalleled flexibility. While many designers appear to feel weighed down by tradition, they never do. With eyes firmly set on the horizon, they continue to blur design, art, and technology to create a visual language that is distinctly Bleed.

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Homework: Modern Polish Poster Design

Since forming in 2003, Warsaw-based studio Homework has been creating posters for cultural events. Aware of Poland’s renowned legacy in poster design but with no intentions to be part of it, the work they create nods to the simple visual puns of Mieczyslaw Wasilewski and the playful illustrative style of Witkor Gorka. However, rather than exist in homage to their predecessors, Joanna Górska and Jerzy Skakun have created a distinctive style that has seen them garner prizes at poster biennials across the world as well as gallery exhibitions in Paris and Berlin.

Homework’s exhibition at Kemistry Gallery marks their first in the UK. The gallery proudly presents a selection of over fifty of their prints including classic cinema and modern Polish theatre posters, with prints available to buy in the gallery and online.

Exhibition Prosthetics

Exhibition Prosthetics

Join Bedford Press at AA Bookshop for the launch of Exhibition Prosthetics by Joseph Grigely. The book explores the artist’s use of language and images as a means of representation that further the reach of the real. Grigely uses the term “exhibition prosthetics” to describe an array of these conventions, particularly (but not exclusively) in relation to exhibition practices. The book is the first in the Bedford Press Editions series of artist’s books edited by Zak Kyes. The series will engage with publications as a primary medium of practice, enabling artists to explore the inherent constraints and possibilities of the printed document.

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Losing the Plot

Hvass&Hannibal: Losing the Plot

Kemistry Gallery presents Hvass&Hannibal: Losing the Plot. Inspired by the collation and sorting of random data sources, Danish design polymaths Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal are reinterpreting information and expressing it by way of wooden sculptures, hand-benched silkscreen prints and offset posters. The result is a crafted appearance of layers and textures that belie the hard-edged nature of the raw data.

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Illustrative Berlin

Illustrative 2009

Paris, Zurich and now Berlin: Illustrative 2009 will return to the creative capital to celebrate the cutting-edge works of contemporary graphic art for the fifth time around. From the 16th of October to the 1st of November, works ranging from drawing, graphic prints, painting and monumental mural collages to graphically inspired 3D-illustrations, book art and animation will be on show. With more than 60 artists from all across the world, Illustrative brings together an inspiring cornucopia of visual contemporary culture in the Villa Elisabeth located in the heart of Berlin.

Illustrative showcases an international scene of artist-designers, whose works have been inspired by subculture movements like comic and graffiti as well as by applied arts like illustration and book art. The exhibition explores the merging of infinite materials and techniques in widely unprecedented combinations, which challenge learned ways of seeing – e.g. the latest development, where illustration and graphics are translated into the third dimension, or new narrative strategies in 3D-animation.

Parra Exhibition and Pop Up Shop

Parra Pool Wood Wood

The multi-talented Parra, a prolific illustrator, designer and musician, launches his first ever Exhibition and Pop Up Shop in Germany. The exhibition, presented by Arkitip, will begin in August and run through October with the shop opening two days after the exhibition launch.

“I like the tee shirt but I will get the painting”
Works of Art by Parra

27 August – 10 October 2009
Opening 27 of August 2009
7:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Pool Gallery
Tucholskystrasse 38
10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 243 42 462

“I like the painting but I will get the tee shirt”
Products of Art by Parra

29 August – 10 October 2009
Opening 29 of August 2009
7:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Wood Wood
Rochstrasse 4
10178 Berlin
Phone +49 30 280 99 039

Type Tart Cards

Type Tart Cards

London is not short of iconography. Red double-decker buses, black cabs, gherkins and wheels. But there is a more pervasive if ephemeral symbol of the city. Tart cards are the lo-fi promotional tools of many London prostitutes. Step into almost any central London phone box and you can contemplate any number of cards inviting you to be tied, teased, spanked or massaged either in luxury apartments, fully equipped chambers or the privacy of your own hotel room. All this and more is just ‘one minute’ away from the box in which you are standing.

To coincide with the magazine’s first ever Sex Issue, Wallpaper* in conjunction with Type LLP and St Bride Library asked designers from students to superstars, to find the tart hiding in every type and provide their own graphic content. June 22 – 29, more than 400 cards will be on show at KK Outlet.