December 4th, 2011

Delight & Destroy

By Duane King

Delight & Destroy

I’ve been consistently enamored with the work of Death Spray Custom for it’s playfulness and carefully crafted execution. Delight & Destroy is no exception. Using high quality urethane-based paints, rally car hoods are transformed into bold statements about brands and consumption. Motorsports, wit, and design? You had at me at go. According to an interview with the artist, “It’s a Brand Prix and there is no winner.”

Lust, power and consumption are the themes behind Death Spray Custom’s latest body of work. An alternate world has been created where consumer brands are laid bare with a message that could be speaking from their collective subconsciousness. This is communicated by vivid urethane paint on steel and aluminum performance car bonnets. These represent racing car teams without the veneer of pretence, a world where brands, money, consumption and power feed off each other and consumers. The results are striking, high gloss panels that appear almost as lustful totems to modern society.

Images by Neil Bridge.