March 25th, 2010

A Serious Discussion

By Jon Contino

If you’re reading this right now, then I’ll go out on a limb and assume you’re some sort of creative-type living in the magical year of Two Thousand and Ten. Furthering that assumption, I’ll say you’re probably smarter, more attractive, and much more talented than those around you (who, deductively speaking, are most likely not reading this.) That being said, it may be safe to assume that you have developed somewhat of a contempt for the latest incarnation of techno-helpers that are supposedly here to make our lives easier. I’m speaking of course about Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and basically all computers and their parts in general.

Sure, in our small, nerdy, art world these things are great, but bring them to a dreaded outsider and face the consequences! Let me cite some examples that I’m sure are no different from your own experiences:

But fear not friends, the time is quickly approaching when all wannabes and wish-they-weres will finally admit defeat out of sheer boredom and leave the house or island (or whatever) never to return again. The newness of the digital age is fading and it’s fading fast. Sooner than later you’ll be able to mention the word Photoshop in public and elicit the same response from all your accountant buddies that would similarly be triggered by words such as “pencil,” “charcoal,” and “kneaded eraser.”

We can finally take a deep breath, adjust our hair, pat down our shirts, take the mouse off the mantle, and place into our toolboxes where it rightfully belongs. The time has come where we can call the computer just another tool. Use it, embrace it, cherish it, and most importantly, remember that it is only a tool after all.