March 27th, 2010

Scissor Writing

By Frank Chimero

In the boom of digital tools for designers, the humble scissors have been forgotten. Our poor scissors sit in our desk drawers, waiting for the next non-creative task we require them for. It wasn’t always like this. Scissors used to be used as a primary means to capture likenesses, create art, and even make movies. One could perceive cutting paper for a creative task as a juvenile activity, but some of the finest creative specimens have been created with no more than a modest sheet of paper and sheers.

Scissors illustration from Craphound, issue 6.

Silhouette Portrait of Jane Austen,
Date and Artist Unknown

Fall of Icarus,
Henri Matisse, 1943

Ad for Dupont Corporation
Paul Rand

Wayang Shadow Puppet
Artist Unknown

Blue Nude II,
Henri Matisse, 1952

Stills from The Adventures of Prince Achmed,
Lotte Reiniger, 1926

Madison, Age 7, 2009