February 21st, 2010

Rethink. Redefine. Redesign.

By Duane King


A while ago, I met with Frank Chimero, Ian Coyle, Bob Borden, and Shane Bzdok to discuss our goals and aspirations for Thinking for a Living. What worked? What didn’t?


We tried to think ahead and create a site that was a paradigm shift in interactivity and turn the traditional blog format on its head – or in this case, on its side. We also wanted to take advantage of the potential of multi-touch devices such as the iPhone and iPad.


We wanted to better emphasize our original writing, thus the introduction of Features. Our friends and associates have amazing thoughts to share and now you can more easily enjoy them.


We wanted to make a quiet place suitable for contemplation and thought; a place where words mattered as much as visuals; a crystal goblet for great ideas. With that in mind, we focused on typography and legibility.


We also thought about what mattered to us. Thinking for a Living is a publisher and curator of thought-provoking design content and a creator of meaningful experiences. We are about spirited creations and seeding great ideas. Good ideas benefit someone. Great ideas benefit everyone.


All eyes are not created equal. We feel we have the right eyes. Inquisitive eyes that belong to people who are doing interesting things. We’re humbled by this. Thank you for reading.