April 17th, 2009

I Love Them… I Love Them Not… I Love Them…

By Alison Rose

Happy dress code Memories:

Falling in love (with Andre, not Dan).
Seeing Andre get a job at MTV and spring break 2005.
B-B-Qing on our deck in the East Village.
Watching Dan and Andre teach for the first time and seeing how well they commanded authority.
Discovering how much they learn on the fly (as in how much they fake it till they make it!)
Watching The OC with Dan, and SVU with Andre.
Getting my first real job, through Dan.
Turning the living room into a beauty parlor.
Helping create really great projects.
Having two amazing friends who I love despite.

Not so happy dress code Memories:

Watching Dan hire a stripper for Andre’s 21st birthday.
Having a breakdown during a screenprinting marathon (brown is a hard color to mix).
Realizing (four years after he told me) that Andre was serious when he said work will always comes first.
Being called “Tape Lady” – as in the girl whose job it is to make tape balls to hang posters.
NOT being cast in a spot for MTV.
Waking up in the middle of the night to “Pocker” matches.
Being the only one not acknowledged at Andre’s thesis award ceremony.
Not getting credited as the illustrator for the Ancille packaging (it’s my drawing on Kelly’s arm!)
Feeling lesser because I wasn’t ready to be an artist.
Floundering while they were succeeding.
Keeping track of Dan’s girlfriends.

Ali recently moved to Minneapolis to produce her TV show, The Alison Rose Bailey Show, at the Minneapolis Television Network. When she is not tap dancing, jazz handsing, lip synching, or hi-fiving, she is working for Fox Television. Seriously.

This essay first appeared in Never Sleep, a book written by Andre Andreev and G. Dan Covert, published by de.MO. Summary: There is a major disconnect between the life of a design student and the transition to being a design professional. To demystify the transition, we share the failures, successes, and surprises during our years in college and progression into the field: the creative process, monetary problems, internships, interviews, mistakes, and personal relationships.